GQ-200 drain pipe cleaner,pipe cleaning machineMany people do not pay attention to the drains in their homes until things go wrong. More than just a stopper at the bottom of your sink or sink, a┬ádrain cleaning machine has a very important role in draining water from your home through the piping system. Bathrooms with backs, sinks that take time to drip and stagnant water in the shower are some of the boring problems that indicate it’s time to break plumber tools or call a professional. Serious problems can lead to major repairs, which can be expensive, but the good news is that if you learn how to choose the right drain cleaning tool, you can easily solve most of the drainage problems.

Types of Drains in Your Home

In each house there are several types of drain cleaning machine, including kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. Wherever water comes out, you have to have a way out. Bathtubs, sinks and toilets have drainage pipes, as well as their main appliances such as washing machine and dishwasher. These drainpipes are just the beginning of your tap water system, and each one connects to the main line from which the water comes, either in your septic tank or in your city’s water system. City. There are many plumbers problems that can occur with your pipes having an obstacle that is most common, and also the easiest to repair, even for a homeowner.

Basic tools for cleaning the drainage

RIDGID - Drain Cleaning EquipmenIf there is an obstacle, it is not uncommon to reach the liquid drain cleaner, but you will find that there are times when it is not strong enough and you need extra tools. Drainpipes are a popular drain cleaning tool for toilets and sinks and are best used for small drainage problems such as a lock of hair. A long metal bar that fits tightly in your bathtub or toilet to push or break the blockage. They are often used in combination with a snail, which has a hook and a loop that catches the source of the obstacle so you can remove it. Drills are particularly useful for grasping and removing small objects such as jewelery and small toys.

Tools for cleaning electrical drains

Hooves or heavy hooves deeper in the water system require more energy than a simple tool can not. In these cases, it is advisable to choose an electric drain cleaning machine device. drain cleaning machine offers a range of electric cleaning machines such as drums, water jets and the Auto-Clean


Drum machines work with lace lines ranging from 3/4 to 10 inches in diameter. They provide a high level of water torque to push wires or blades through the pipe, depending on the type of blockage you have. Ridgid drum machines offer high speed with powerful induction motors. They are suitable for the removal of hard and soft blockages, such as tree roots, food, fat and sediment accumulations. Since snakes have threads that can get trapped, be sure to bring a drain cleaning machine glove to protect your hands.

Water Jetters

With a medium to very high PSI range, water nozzles are available in electric and gas models. They work in rinse tubes up to 10 inches wide and use a flexible hose to move through soft locks with grease, mud and soap. They also have the advantage of flushing the pipe and restoring full water flow. The jets work in both the private and commercial space and Ridgid offers several models with HP high-performance engines for fast performance.

Automatic cleaning of the sink

The automatic washing machine is patented technology. It is a unique flexible hose drain release tool with drain cleaning machine cable running on lines of different widths to work in areas with large or small pipe sizes. The automatic washing machine passes the obstacles in the sink, tub or shower. It is useful for soft blocks like hair, soap and fat.